Driveless car technology

1. This is the world cup and ———- of technology ——–.

2. —– than 150,000 people from over 100 different countries, over 30 football —– of exhibit —— all showing the latest and greatest in high tech toys, ——- and cars.

3. Televisions are all always —- like this Samsung Js9500 that I actually have here with me at the ——–. This is a big to-do at the show because this has new ——— technology that Samsung has created.

4. Another big ——- this year’s smart —– devices like temperature controls, USB ——- fire alarms and even remote ——–.

5. With the normal Kivo, the first ——-. It ——- you to walk up to a lock. —— touch the lock and if you had your ——- in your pocket it would let you in or you could lock the lock.

6. But the product making the biggest —– this year, well there’s a —— including a driverless car technology.

7. ——, ——-, and bmw among the ———– ———– their versions of the computer-driven cars. Experts saying It looks like the technology is here to —–.

8. We —- around the parking lot. we went around —— and we —— without me touching anything. Was it ———-? Yes. Was I —— out? ——–. But it’s just something we’re gonna have to get ——– to.

9. About 20,000 —- products will —– here including stuff like the new ——- tablet which can actually —– from a wall has it’s own ——– and has —— sound. the perfect —– to make sure you’re the best ——– available. And even stuff like the new —– camera. It’s ——— and affordable. Again one of the 20,000 products ——— this year at CES which —– on Friday