Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris

    1.Well. We’ve —— each other for a long ——-. 2.He was a little ——-. You know, —— faced lad with lots of —- back —–. He had —- black ——. 3. It’s hard to —— a lot of —– don’t —– me ...Read More

Apple Spring Forward’s video in keynote (2015.03.09.)

Apple Spring Forward’s video in keynote (2015.03.09.) 당연히 Download도 가능합니다. ResearchKit: MacBook: Apple Watch: ...Read More

혼자만의 시간

    예전에는 하루 중 언제가 제일 좋으냐 물으면 보통 아침 7시를 얘기했다. 하루를 힘차게 시작하는 시간! 새로운 하루를 맞이하는 시간이 너무 좋다고… 그런데 요즘은 저녁 10시가 제일 좋다.     운동 끝나고 집에 들어오면 아내와 아이는 자고 있고 집안은 고요하고 적막마저 아름다운 오롯한 ...Read More

Blind chef Christine Ha

1. Narrator: The —- have —— 6 of the 7 —- pies made for this —– test. —- has the last pie to be tasted before the judges —– who will be sent —–. 2. Gordon: How are you Christine? Christine: I’m —-, ——. ...Read More


1. They brought him —– to ——– an unspeakable crime. 2. Detective Dormer. It’s such an —— to meet you. I’m ——– Ellie Berg. Welcome to Nightmute. 3. It’s so ——– to be working with you. The Leland street murders is my —– —– ...Read More

Do vitamins work?

Watch the latest video at 1. old woman 1: I take vitamin — old woman 2: I take —.. 7.. ah —! 2. man1: I take a vitamin D — 3. old woman 1: I take vitamin —. I take Vitamin — 4. ...Read More